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PLMA Creates Virtual Private Label Trade Event

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact trade shows, the Private Label Manufacturers Association said it will host a virtual event from February 1 to 5, 2021: PLMA Live! Presents Private Label Week.

PLMA found it necessary to cancel its 2020 Private Label Trade Show in light of continuing uncertainties concerning the health and safety of participants at large-scale, in-person gatherings, the association noted. The annual PLMA show scheduled to take place November 15 to 17 will return to Chicago’s Rosemont Convention Center from November 14 to 16 in 2021.

PLMA Live! Private Label Week will provide retailers and private label manufacturers the opportunity to interact and work together via live video meetings and chat communication tools using PLMA’s own digital platform.

Private Label Week will dedicate each of its five days to a different group of product categories. The event will feature online exhibits and private virtual meetings where retail buyers can search for products and network live with store brands vendors.

Concurrent with Private Label Week, PLMA Live!, the association’s industry news and information platform, will deliver five days of dedicated online programming consisting of video reports on retail and product trends, together with category-specific content, interviews with industry leaders, and a special series of presentations by top speakers and private label experts.

PLMA president Peggy Davies said, “Although it is unfortunate the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted plans to hold our annual trade show in November, we are confident that Private Label Week will provide the PLMA members and the industry as a whole with valuable private label sales and marketing solutions when these are most needed. It combines a highly efficient online platform for retailers and manufacturers to plan and build their store brands business for 2021 in combination with most current and in-depth analysis of product and category trends.”