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Shipt Promotion Features Candace Cameron Bure

The Target-owned Shipt delivery operation is kicking off the school year with a new promotion featuring Candace Cameron Bure.

The Shipt Shuffle Challenge features actress and mom Candace Cameron Bure. Participants recreate the Shipt Shuffle, record it and posts their version of the dance on Instagram or Instagram Reels with the hashtags #ShiptShuffle and #Sweepstakes and follows and tags @Shipt, and then are entered to win. Shipt will reward five winners with a one-year membership to the subscription-based service and free groceries for the year, a $5,000 value.

The promotion highlights how Shipt can make getting back-to-school essentials easier and more convenient through its network of retail partners, including Office Depot and Target, and same-day delivery accomplished by its personal shoppers.