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Tran Succeeds Lown As Takeya CEO

Takeya USA’s co-founder John Lown is transitioning from his role as CEO to chairman. The company’s current president and COO, Ken Tran, will step in as the company’s new CEO.

In addition, the company said Lown will continue to serve on Takeya’s board of directors and will also act as an advisor to the brand, consulting on product innovation and development.

Lown co-founded Takeya USA in 2008, alongside Hiroshi Taketani. Takeya specializes in insulated hydration solutions for people on-the-go and continues to expand into the lifestyle and wellness sectors. It recently introduced a variety of new products including the Traveler mug and most recently, the Tumbler.

“I am very proud of what the Takeya team has accomplished over the past 12 years and am delighted to watch the company continue to grow,” said Lown. “As Takeya moves towards its next chapter, I have no doubt that the brand will succeed under the guidance and leadership of Ken. I look forward to continuing to support Takeya as chairman.”

Tran, with more than 20 years of leadership experience, has been with Takeya for the past three years.?Prior to joining Takeya, Tran worked alongside Lown at Snapware Corporation, where he served as COO and helped lead the sale of Snapware to World Kitchen. Additionally, Tran has founded and assumed the role of CEO at many companies including POP Displays and MonSpa.

“I am excited to lead Takeya’s community of hardworking and innovative individuals where company culture and togetherness is in our DNA. It is my honor to follow in John’s footsteps and continue to build upon the success of the brand,” said Tran. “Takeya’s future is a bright one and we have been working on major developments that will continue to position our brand at the forefront of hydration.”